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Child Custody

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When it comes to your children, you should never go into the courtroom alone. Child custody matters are among some of the most complex legal cases there are. Our Las Vegas Child Custody Attorneys will fight for your parental rights. Our compassionate attorneys will put you at ease throughout the process, so you always feel comfortable discussing such sensitive family matters. Whether you need assistance with establishing paternity, custody, or your rights are being threatened by another parent, we have you covered. Call us today to get started at 702-515-1500 or skip ahead of the line and Schedule Your Consultation now.

Nevada Child Custody FAQ

Do You Need Help with a Child Custody Matter in Nevada?  Read below for information concerning custody law in Nevada.

What Types of Physical Custody are Available in Nevada?

Physical Custody refers to where a child resides. Nevada has a preference for joint physical custody. This means the court believes it is in the best interest for parents to be equally involved in their child’s life, and that when possible, the child shall reside an equal (or close to equal) amount of time with each parent. In some cases, a joint physical arrangement may not be possible. Instead, the court may order a primary physical custody arrangement where the children reside with one parent a majority of the time, while the other parent has specific visitation. In rare cases, the court may order sole physical custody where the child resides with one parent at all times and the other parent has no visitation or limited visitation sometimes at the sole discretion of the sole custodian.

Is Physical Custody the Same as Legal Custody in Nevada?

No.  Physical Custody concerns where the child physically resides.  Legal Custody in Nevada refers to decision-making when it comes to significant events in a child’s life. For example, decisions such as where the child goes to school, what medical care the child receives, or what religion the child belongs to are some issues that are considered significant. Parents may choose joint legal custody where both parents must agree on these decisions or one parent may be awarded sole legal custody where he/she makes all the decisions. Both types of custody must be decided in a case.

Can I Move Out of State with My Child?

In most cases not without permission.  If the other parent (the non-moving parent) will not give you written permission, you must seek the court’s permission.  These cases, known as relocation cases are typically quite complex.  For more information, see our Relocation page.

Does a Child's Father Have Custody Rights in Nevada?

Absolutely!  Nevada courts believe it is in the child’s best interest to have both parents involved in the child’s life.  Don’t fight alone, however!  You need strong legal representation to protect your rights.

The Child's Other Parent is Refusing to Let Me See My Son/Daughter. Can I Stop Paying Child Support?

No!  Child support and child custody/visitation are not dependent on one another.  You cannot legally withhold child support if the other parent is refusing to let you see your child.  Instead, you need to take the parent to court to enforce your rights.

How is Child Support Calculated in Nevada?

For a full discussion on child support calculation in Nevada, see our article How Child Support is Calculated in Nevada.

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